Come in and learn about the Lord and His love

We are a Filipino fellowship gathering in the name of the Lord. Our services are primary in Ilocano language. English, Tagalog, Visayan speakers welcome.
We emphasize the Santification of Jesus Christ, Biblical teachings, and the need of Baptism in the Holy Spirit!
We conduct our services at Lanakila Congregational Church, in Kainaliu (above Kona Joe Coffee).
Organized and founded by Rev. Pastor Philip Buenavista in March 19, 2004, the Fellowship recently celebrated its 12-year Anniversary!
The FCF maintains close relationships with other PFWBC churches in the Philippines’ northern region, i.e. ILOCOS and BAGUIO, taking part in missions and church sponsorships.
The FCF is a prime destination for visiting Pastors from the Philippines. Notably Rev. Pastor Joseph Benigno, the President of Harvesters Bible Academy in Northern Philippines, and Rev. Pastor Jack Codangos, director of the PFWB Light Bearer Church in Hong Kong and Baguio.